Equity Audit

Equity Audit Survey

There's still time to affect change in your district and have your voice heard! Fill out the survey before 5/15/2022 to make sure you opinions are collected and counted.

Become an interviewer!

Know someone who's voice should be heard but who might not want to fill out the survey? Interview them! This form will help guide you through a conversation about equity in the SU, and give you an easy place to make a record of your conversation. No special experience required, just a desire to connect with your friends and neighbors!


In order to be reimbursed for the time you spent on the equity audit please fill out the three documents below and send them to asktheequitycoaches@ossu.org.

FY22 Equity Audit Invoice for OSSU

Audit Invoice

First make a copy of this form and then fill out the highlighted sections.

Equity/Family Engagement -Contracted Service Agreement-FY22 Updated

Contractor Service Agreement

First make a copy of this document and then fill out the highlighted sections.

W-9 FORM (1) (1).pdf


Please fill out this w-9 for our records. You will not be taxed on this reimbursement because it is less than $500.